Fancy Feast White Label Kitten Whitefish Feast - 85Gm - Cat Food

Fancy Feast White Label Kitten Whitefish Feast - 85gm

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Fancy Feast for kittens is a tantalizing treat that even the fussiest of kittens will love. 

Fancy Feast is a flavour delight that even the fussiest cats will like. Made with chunky, meaty pieces, the food has a soft texture and is full of protein. 

Fancy Feast tasty Ocean White Fish Feast is a great way to spoil your little kitten. Made from a smooth pate, the mix is cooked with premium seafood and is soft and tender in texture. It has a fishy flavour that every cat is bound to enjoy. Satisfied cat customers are purring and their owners are continually impressed with the variety of the range. 

While this wet food is nourishing by itself, it can be paired with a kibble for a complete meal solution. 

Meat and meat by-products (pork, chicken), ocean-fish, milk, egg, natural and artificial flavours, gelling agent, vitamins, minerals and colours. List of contents is not exhaustive, if you have concerns about allergies contact the manufacturer. 

Feeding Guide:
Daily feeding will vary depending on your kitten's weight. Feed 1 can daily per 1.4-1.6kg of body weight. Check the label to ensure you are feeding your cat the right amount and do not overfeed. Always have fresh, clean water on hand for your cat.

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